Standard 4: Professional Development and Program Evaluation

Description of Artifacts Elements of the Standard Rationale Explaining the Representation of Each Element
Professional Development Lesson Plan – An Introduction to Google Classroom This lesson plan emulates the elements of the standard through the development and implantation of technology-rich professional learning programs. Teachers and Faculty must come into the digital age. Part of learning to communicate with students is identifying the best way to teach them. Children are brought up knowing how to Google before reading a chapter book. Therefore, this lesson helps bring the faculty of Hayden-Winkelman Unified School District into the digital age.
Effective Communication Skills Chart Effective communication is crucial in evaluating feedback and professional learning programs. Communication skills are necessary in the digital age. Effective communication consists of asking questions, communicating goals, and providing timely feedback.
Alternate Methods of Professional Development Not all people learn the same way. Therefore, it is important to offer alternate methods of professional development. Professional Development sessions do not need to be fancy. They can be as informal as a book study. If they promote adult learning and the best practices of the digital age, alternate methods can be utilized in the PD setting.