Standard 3: Digital Age Learning Environments

Description of Artifacts Elements of the Standard Rationale Explaining the Representation of Each Element
Flipping the Classroom Explainer Video The explanation of a flipped classroom falls under the prevue of the technology coach. Evaluating flipped classrooms to determine their viability within the school district is an element of standard three. Flipping the classroom is one goal for my classroom.
Technology Integration Proposal This proposal makes suggestions to assist in allowing students to better communicate and collaborate with each other and teachers. Additionally, students can take advantage of the internet connection at school to fulfill requirements for blended learning and flipped classrooms during school hours. Chromebooks and iPads are strangers in the night, and I would like to see them married. No, not really. However, we are already a one-to-one iPad school and this proposal is for Chromebooks because they are cheaper and can have programs installed on them that iPads cannot utilize.
Web-Based Tools & Environments Presentation This presentation satisfies many of the elements for standard three because of the elements which are discussed throughout. Schoology and Edmodo offer collaboration between teachers and students as well as teachers between other teachers. The webtools selected provide ways to digitally communicate and provide blended learning avenues. Schoology and Edmodo are two Learning Management Systems that a singular classroom can utilize should a teacher desire to flip the classroom or utilize blended learning. Other technology tools for the internet make the classroom more inviting for students. This presentation discusses some of these programs.