Standard 2: Teachering, Learning, and Assessments

Description of Artifacts Elements of the Standard Rationale Explaining the Representation of Each Element
ISTE Outline and Reflection This document satisfies elements of Standard 2 because coaches assist “teachers in … [the] implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences through differentiation” (ISTE, 2018, p.1). Gamifying lesson plans brings those lessons into the 21st century and captures the attention and imaginations of your students. By utilizing a quest feature in Classcraft, you can differentiate any lesson. You can “write the quest” to follow a specific path or give the option for the students to follow their own path by offering different paths for the student to follow.
A Comparison Between Online and Traditional Classrooms It is important for technology and instructional coaches to know the similarities and differences between online and traditional classrooms. Coaches provide support to teachers which allows them to “provide for the diverse needs and interests of all students” (ISTE, 2018, p.1). This comparison focused on the necessity of providing feedback to students in an online classroom verses a traditional classroom. While each is important, the way feedback is given and provided to students in either venue is vastly different.