Web Forms and Online Assessment Tools

There is a myriad of online assessment tools. There are assessment tools that involve games like Kahoot, Quizziz, and Quizlet Live. These assessment tools are some of the best, in my opinion, because they provide a competitive atmosphere and students work hard to beat their opponent in a friendly match of skill. There are assessment tools which allow students to watch videos and quiz students while they are watching these videos like EdPuzzle does. If students are not allowed devices in school, there are use assessment tools like Plickers, Quick Key, or Grade Cam.

Kahoot is, by far, the most favorite among students in my classes. Ren and Wagner (2016) explain that Kahoot “is a free game-based learning platform that can be used to create various formative assessments such as online quizzes, surveys, and discussions” (Ren & Wagner, 2016, p. 2). Teachers have the ability to create a quiz with a series of multiple-choice questions and allow their students to play in teams or against each other. However, if teachers choose they can also try the new game called Jumble which allows the teacher to assign the game to his or her students like an assignment. If a teacher does not have the time to create a Kahoot, then they have the ability to search a library full of games to utilize. I have used several Kahoot games in my class as reviews for formative assessments and Galileo Benchmarks. Kahoot is simple and easy to use. Once the Kahoot is created, the teacher facilitates the game and the students can use their smartphones or school devices to play the game.

Students enjoy competition, especially within the district I am currently employed. Many of the students are in sports. As a result, I know that when I use Kahoot in my classroom my students will enjoy trying to best one another. Kahoot promotes a healthy competition between the students as they each work hard on the problem at hand to try and answer it within the allotted time so that they can beat their opponent. Participation and engagement are evident when they play in teams or individual against the whole class. Additionally, Iwamoto, et al. (2017) posits that “game-based learning has the potential to be an effective tool for learning because it stimulates the visual and verbal components of our processing” (Iwamoto, et. al, 2017, p. 82).

As mentioned above, Kahoot is an effective tool because of the game-based learning aspect of the site. Students become compelled to work on the problems and get them right so that they can bear their friends in friendly competition. Additionally, Kahoot stimulates the part of the brain that uses visual and auditory senses in learning. Furthermore, Kahoot is an appropriate assessment tool because it measures response time and knowledge.

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