Screen Capture Software

In a blended learning or flipped classroom environment, the traditional classroom is flipped upside-down where “lectures” are delivered via video and classroom time is spent doing what would normally be assigned as homework. A variety of software programs and hardware is utilized to create the environment. Part of creating the environment revolves around screen capturing and using text and images to spark creativity in your students as well as deliver lessons. To get started, a teacher might need a website to display videos and other important information and a way to capture a lesson. To do this, you need screen capture software like Screencast-o-matic.

Screen Capture Software

The ability to record your screen is an important function when attempting to flip or create a blended classroom. Screencast-o-matic allows an individual to record what they are doing on the screen. According to its website, Screencast-o-matic is “a platform that supports all your video learning needs with tools for video creation and editing, content management, and video sharing” ( The pro version of screencast-o-matic includes editing software which allows you to add a variety of other elements to make your videos pop. This pro version costs approximately $18/year. In my opinion, $18/year is a nominal fee to be able to unlock many more features:

  • iconNo watermark
  • iconMake longer recordings*
  • iconRecord Computer Audio (Windows Only)*
  • iconVideo Editor (Learn More)
  • iconScripted Recordings
  • iconDraw and zoom
  • iconPublish to Google Drive, Vimeo Pro, Dropbox
  • iconScreenshot Tool
  • iconCreate captions with Speech-To-Text
  • iconImport or use stock music

Additionally, screencast-o-matic integrates with popular learning management systems like Schoology, Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard.

Screencast-o-matic will be “useful for delivering lessons, for student projects, or for allowing students choice in an assessment of knowledge” (Joseph, 2017, p. 20). By delivering lessons via video, students can take responsibility for their own learning and be held accountable. Furthermore, videos allow students to pause and rewind what the teacher says without fear of being ridiculed by their peers. In addition, videos accommodate all learning styles. The audio and explanation of the content assists auditory learners, the visual aspect of the video assists visual learners, and for kinesthetic learners, active learning takes place in the classroom where they focus on doing and participating in class activities.

ISTE Standards for students take center stage with a blended or flipped classroom. They are utilizing technology to take an active role in their learning which described the Empowered Learner standard. Using screencast-o-matic to show your knowledge of content will also touch of the Knowledge Constructor, Computational Thinker, and Creative Communicator standards as well.

The pro version of screencast-o-matic includes editing software which allows you to add a variety of other elements to make your videos pop. Should an individual purchase the pro version of Screencast-o-matic, they will be able to edit their videos and add text and images were appropriate. On the other hand, screencast-o-matic is not the only software that allows an individual to edit video. There are other programs that allow you to create visually stimulating presentations as well.

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