Few things in education or the internet frustrate me. These things are web forms, online assessments, and anything having to do with cell phones and mobile interactions. I dislike having to fill out any sort of web form because I feel as though my information is sold or given to more than one third-party. While assessments are a necessary part of education, I have problems taking any sort of test online. Cell phones are the bane of my existence in the classroom. I currently believe that they are more of a distraction and a hindrance than they are beneficial. However, Ashley Wainwright (2012) indicates four benefits have including mobile technology in the classroom. Utilizing mobile technology in the classroom prepares students for the future, allows for up-to-date learning, provides an alternative to textbooks, and assists in taking learning outside of the classroom.

There are quite a few phone apps that I could see myself utilizing in the classroom; however, there is one application that I feel would provide hours of fun and classroom competition. Kahoot! is a website that involves friendly competition and gamification to review for an assessment. While I could not call Kahoot! an online assessment like Galileo, I would classify the website as a tool to ready oneself for online assessments. Kahoot! is mainly used to quickly review a concept for an upcoming assessment. Kahoot! users can play in teams or individually, and the application is free for teachers and students to use in the classroom.

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