Hello, everyone! My name is Ms. Roe and I teach mathematics to high school students. More specifically, I teach Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry to the students of Hayden High School in Winkelman, Arizona. When I did my student teaching during the fall of 2015, I felt as though it was a cake walk because I had yet to discover everything that goes into teaching. I did not realize how much of my time would be spent creating lesson plans, hunting for assignments, creating ways to track data, and how to bring creativity into the classroom so that my students would be involved in their own learning.

It is my hope that the menu to the left will help new and seasoned teaching professionals in the area of teaching. Within these pages, you may find websites to help track data, gamify your classroom, flip your classroom, or help provide differentiated instruction to your student. You may find yourself learning something new, or you may want to leave some feedback on information and technologies that you know about. This information is by no means all-inclusive and is not meant to replace your own research into the topics. However, I do hope that you may find something useful.